Safety Insurance - Auto insurance ripoff

Derry, New Hampshire 1 comment

why should you be stuffed if you get a ticket?Got a ticket for speeding 7 mph over,now why do they get to charge me surcharge for 6 years!!!!

Thats getting stuffed!!Iappealed a ticket i got in september.It came up in front of a judge in december.I won!!! But the insurance company started a surcharge in november . I guess they could"nt wait for a judges decision in december!!They eventully took the 289.00 charge off my insurance. My down payment for the year was much more .

It was hard to come up with additional monies they suck!!!

that 289.00 would have been for 6 years!!What a screwing!

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This entry is clearly misplaced, it belongs in the "Massachusetts Rip Off" page.How can you be so uninformed?!!?

The State of Massachusetts governs all surcharges in the state of Massachusetts. Additionally, a quick check of the sites you would have easily realized that Safety must collect the surcharge if/until the surcharge maybe rescinded by a Court or the Merit Rating Board. Thus, the "big bad insurance company" was only following Massachusetts' *** laws. Way too easy to come on here and rip a company when you don't even know what the *** you are talking about.

BTW I have zero affiliation with Safety nor do I use their products or think their a great carrier.I simple hate that you are so ignorant that you couldn't just complete a simple check of MA .gov sites

Safety Insurance Does not make any effort

Los Angeles, California 0 comments
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I have been trying to work with Safety Insurance on a loss claim.They DO NOT communicate with me.

I have called (was hung up on) emailed and contacted my agent who hasn't had much success. I strongly recommend not to deal with Safety Insurance. It's bad enough to have a loss but worse to have an Insurance Company that's just not there for you.

I don't know the status of the claim, whether or not they'll cover it, when they expect to do anything.It is absolutely the worst company I have ever delt with.

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